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[Instsrv.exe download server 2003

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For Windows Server , in the resource kit there was Instsrv and I would use srvany as the executable. I change the registry to add the. replace.me › en-us › windows › forum › all › instsrvexe-and-sr.


Instsrv.exe download server 2003


I wonder if they might be open to a more ‘official’ installation page for us poor Windows people? It’s a little easier to config than using srvany and has a better performance than webrick. Thanks, Jordan. Overall, I was able to figure this out, but these instructions are slightly off. Here is my updated version, which should work verbatim tested on Window XP :.

Note: according to Microsoft, this is compatible with Server and XP. Run regedit. Repeat this step and create another new string value called “AppParameters”. For the Application string value, give it the following value assuming this is your Ruby install directory :. Note: In order for the service to interact with the desktop in Windows Vista and above, the Windows Interactive Service Detection service must be started. Add the required registry entries.

Run regedit. Under the Parameters key add the following string values:. Also, services do not have user interfaces, so your application must run without direct interaction on the front panel. You can still control the applications using methods like VI Server or network communication.

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[Instsrv.exe download server 2003

Hello, I used to rely on the tools ‘replace.me’ and ‘replace.me’ included with the Windows Server Resource Kit Tools to create. From the command prompt, call the instsrv utility providing two parameters: service name and replace.me file path, as follows: instsrv “My. Create a service that starts the replace.me that belongs to Windows Server Resource Kit Tools. · Configure the created service using regedit.

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