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Includes 41 Steam Achievements. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Power is everything at this school, and the evil Laplace Nest team rules from on high.

Even once the single-player mode story ends, the battle rages on! New and classic Gunpla alike will continue to be released for free after the game goes on sale! Collect all sorts of Gunpla parts, and use them to make your own ultimate Gundam! Use Gunpla parts won from enemies to instantly customize your Gundam model in real-time customization battles, a first for the series! See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:.

Review Type. All 1, Positive Negative All 1, Steam Purchasers 1, Other Kevin Kevin says:. January 20, at pm. January 21, at am. January 30, at pm. Arief Perdana says:. February 4, at pm. February 5, at am. February 11, at pm. Hanafy Fazar says:. Muhammad Alif Rahmat Novian Arsianto says:. March 5, at am. March 5, at pm. Ory Houtarou says:. Play the game from different accounts and build your own empire. Use Multi-instance sync to repeat the action in the main BlueStacks instance on all other instances.

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This was released on the PlayStation 2 back in and is one of the more interesting games in the series due to its setting and time that it takes place. In terms of the story and the premise of the game, I will say that if you are familiar with the world of Gundam you will love this. There is no hand-holding here in terms of the story, Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space is the kind of game that demands you are familiar with the franchise before you jump in.

Most of the story takes place during the One Year War which is cool. The game is very cinematic and has some serious style to it. Back in , this was a fantastic looking game and while it may lack that wow factor the more recent games in the series have. I still feel that this is a very polished and impressive looking game for the PS2. The easiest comparison in terms of the gameplay is Zone of the Enders.

The game mostly takes place in space hence the name and you are free to move your Gundam around in a three-dimensional space. There is a handy lock-on button that you have to make use of and the controls can take around 30 minutes or so to get the hang of, but once you do you will feel unstoppable. The gameplay is a tad shallow, but when it is this much fun you will not care at all. The main single-player mode follows the One Year War storyline quite closely and that is great, but there is more to do in Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space than just that.

The main story will take just a few hours to get through, but you have many other modes to enjoy. I really like how you can create your own character and then level them up and make them awesome all with a bit of story to drive you along. So, while the main single-player mode is short, I feel that there is more than enough here to keep you busy for a very long time. There are so many games from this franchise that it can be hard to keep track. I know that some say that this is actually their favorite Gundam game of all time and I can see why!

If you are a fan of the series, you have to play this game! While still early in development and lacking a final title, Bandai’s first entry into the PS2 market will be a 3D action game with a third-person perspective.

Players will be able to train and control their own units using mechs from the Universal Century Gundam series. Also, these mechs will learn new strategies on their own the more you fight. Bandai proposes furious multi-mech battles.

Look for it in early The first series of the long-running sci-fi robot animes returns as an eye-popping 3-D combat simulator. Play as Amuro Ray, a rookie pilot of RX Gundam to take on the highly advanced mobile suits and mobile armor of the treacherous rebel Zeon forces. All the fighting is done from within Gundam’s cockpit against all the classic mechs of the pioneering series.

There’s also a fantastic 3-D database of all the mechs that appeared in the year-long series! Browse games Game Portals. Mobile Suit Gundam. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

Game review Downloads Screenshots One Year War In terms of the story and the premise of the game, I will say that if you are familiar with the world of Gundam you will love this. Overall rating: 8. Download Mobile Suit Gundam. Playstation 2. Overall rating: 6. GameFabrique Playstation 2 , Playstation.


Download game gundam pc


Rusuh bertarung dengan banyak musuh di arena pertempuran, ditambah musik pengiringnya yang keren, membuat Game Gundam Seed Destiny ini sangat seru menurut saya. Tapi harus memilih team battle mode dulu untuk merasakannya. Selain itu cukup banyak robot dan pilot yang bisa menjadi pilihan, terlebih pilot Tohno Akiha yang suaranya aduhai.

Meskipun gameplay dan grafisnya cukup bagus 3Dserta bisa menggunakan berbagai senjata seperti rocket, namun ukuran game ini cukup kecil. Dan yang tak boleh dilewatkan juga, game download game gundam pc bisa nge-LAN dan Online. Wajib coba nih bagi penggemar Anime.

Klik 2x pada WindomXP. Kalau spek pc anda sangat memadai, klik highest atau high quality. Jika sebaliknya maka pilih saja low atau medium. Terakhir pilih Launch. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Download latest version directx 9. Setelah download, open with winrar atau buka dengan winrar. Name Required. Mail will not be published Required. Home Game Ringan Game Perang. By Download game gundam pc February 6, Comments. Start Download. Click Here Нажмите для деталей Download.

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