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[How to Download an Entire Website for Offline Use

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The programs we mention below can serve this purpose very well to download an entire website for offline use.

Read pages later and offline – Computer – Google Chrome Help

To read webpages later offline, download them in Chrome a. When you’re back online, see the live version of the page by tapping Reload Reload. Open the browser’s three-dot menu and select Reading List to view any saved pages. Long-press a saved item until a menu pops up, then tap Open.


Download webpage offline viewing


Whatever your reason might be, it is possible to download a whole website for offline use. There are a couple of methods to do so, and it can be done on various devices. If you only want to save a few online pages for later reading, your browser can do this for you without any hassle. It can save the entire page, including all its components, so that you can return to it at a later time. All the information will be saved in the form of an HTML file in a folder. It is possible to open the HTML file to access the stored web page in your browser without having an internet connection.

Another approach is to use one of the many tools that can help you download an entire website. One of the most popular ones is HTTRack. Even if the UI is a little dated, it serves its intended purpose extremely well.

You can utilize the setup wizard to guide you through the process of deciding where the website should be saved and what files should be excluded from the download. Use this to save the entire web page for later use. If you wish to download something from a different website, simply enter the URL there instead of the default. You can download entire websites on Android devices using a web browser. Just follow these steps:. When a page is accessible for offline reading, a banner will appear at the bottom of the screen.

To see a static version of the page, click Open. Another great option is Read Offline for Android , a free Android app that allows you to read offline. Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are supported by this app. Another app is Offline Pages Pro , which allows you to save any website to your mobile phone and view it offline. Since it saves a complete web page to your phone rather than just the text, this app is distinct from most other phone applications.

It also preserves the layout of the web page. To save a page, simply click on the app button, which will be visible next to your browser address bar. As a result, you may access the page offline whenever you want. Pages may be tagged in the Pro edition of the program, making it easier for you to locate them in the future. Simply slide the page and press the erase button when the opportunity to do so appears.

Other pages can be marked for deletion by clicking the Edit button. In the Pro edition, you may choose to have all your stored websites be automatically updated so that they will be up to date when you go offline again. You can download entire web pages on Safari for iPhone. Using Safari Offline mode, you will be able to access the page even if you are not connected to the internet.

You can also use the previously mentioned Offline Pages Pro app for iPhone. It works in the same way as the Android version. However, keep in mind that the larger the website, the larger the download will be. Have you ever downloaded a website? What website will you download first? Let us know in the comment section below!


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