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Author: tess Category: Documents. Embed Size px x x x x QMF for Windows developed by IBM facilitates the development of queries and reports by providing an intuitive graphical user interface and extended desktop printing capabilities. Reports, spreadsheets, desktop databases, text files, and web documents may be created. This software is site licensed and available to UGA employees via download.

For new QMF users, a prompted query option is available through QMF for Windows, which allows a user to choose the available options from a list. Some of the following examples will have steps for creating a prompted query and various reports.

Query Task: To create a report see example 1 below for budget balances for all accounts within a certain department broken down by travel, operating expense, and equipment summary object codes.

Example 1 4 5. To create a query, click on File-New-Query. If a blank screen comes up for an SQL query, then click on the Prompted Query button, which is usually the fifth button from the left on the Query Toolbar.

Example 25 6. A list of available tables will be displayed to choose from. For advanced queries, the join table option can be used to join 2 or more tables together with a common field. Then click on Close see example 3. Example 3 6 7. Then choose the columns for your report. Example 4 7 8. The next item is optional where sort conditions can be added for sorting the chosen columns. To set specific criteria for the query, use row conditions. Note that allselection data should be keyed in uppercase with single quotes except fordollar amounts.

QMF for Windows will put the single quotes automaticallywhen needed. Example 5 Now run the query by clicking on the button with a right pointing green arrow that is usually the second button from the left on the Query Toolbar or by clicking on Query-Run. Forms Forms reports can also be created for a formatted printed output. After the query results display, click on the Display Report button that looks like a piece of paper or click on Results-Display Report.

Click Next with Create a new report marked. Select Default form under Create a classic report and click on Finish. A basic report form will display in a second window. Then click on the Edit forms button on the Forms Toolbar that is usually the first button from the left. Then click on the Columns tab. Below are some of the options to format the columns:o Click on any of the heading names if a name needs to be changed. This option will put a comma to separate thousands.

Do the same for the other numeric columns, but instead of K, type in K2 to put a comma thousands separator with 2 decimal places. Example 6 Click on the Page tab. The text can be aligned either left, right, center, or appended byclicking on the Alignment option beside each Line. Example 7 11 Click on File-Page Setup to change the orientation, margins, and other page setup options. Click on Ok when done.

Click on the Print Report button, which is usually the last button on the Forms Toolbar. Click on Ok if the right printer is displayed. Example 8 12 Class Task 1: Create a query and report showing actual equipment expenses transactions for each account in department for fiscal year The report should have subtotals for each account break1 as well as each detail object code break2 and look similar to the report displayed in example 9 below.

Hint: Use the Accounting Actual Transaction table and notice the column headings. Example 9 13 Then type in a name and, if desired, a comment for the query see example Click on Ok. Example This will list allmembers of that owner’s UserID library see example Select the item that needs to be opened from the list by double-clicking on it.

Click on the Open from Server button to open the saved query that was justcreated. Click on the Change button to make the change. Click on the Change button see example Example 12 16 Now run the query by clicking on the Run the query button. The query will prompt the user to Enter Substitution Variable Values. Type with the single quotes see example Type in with the single quotes. Click on Ok so the query will continue to run and retrieve the data. Example 13 17 Now click on the View Prompted button to go back to the query design screen.

Click on the yellow plus Add Column button under the Columns selection panel. Click on the Close button. Run the query again and enter the substitution values if needed. Notice the results now have the fiscal year and department description data. Open saved form for this query by double-clicking on the related form in the List of saved items.

Notice when you open the form you receive a message that states: The number of columns in the form does not match the number of columns in the query. Click on the Edit Form button. Click on the Columns Tab. Click on the yellow plus button. Under Heading, type in Fiscal Year and click on Add.

Again under Heading, type in Department Description Change Width to 30 by clicking on the space for width and changing the 8 to 30 then click on Ok. The sequence fields will now have to be manually changed to reflect the correct order of the headings. Double-click on the blank area under Usage next to Fiscal Year and click on the drop-down arrow to display the list. Select OMIT.

Do the same for Department Description heading see example Click on Page Tab. Click on Ok see example Save the form to the server by clicking on File-Save At Server. Save the query to the server.

Example 16 21 Procedure Proc Task: To create a simple way to run the Budget Balance report for a specified fiscal year and department. Click on File-New-Procedure.

Example 17 Click on the button with the green arrow pointing right to run the procedure andsee if it will work correctly. If it works correctly, save the procedure. Now a user can run this procedure and get the report without having to write a query or a report form.

Click on the yellow plus button on the Tables panel to add a table to the query. The next time the same tables are joined, the programwill usually join them together automatically. Click on Close three times see example Now click on the yellow plus button on the Columns panel to add a column.

Then click on Close see example Click on the Edit form button and then click on the Columns tab to add the additional column. For the heading, type Object Description o Change the width to 25 see example Example 20 Click Ok. You may need to use the Up and Down Arrow buttons to move the new column after the Object column and change the sequence numbers.

Click Ok. Break Footing Text To place an automatic footing text at each break, a user can click on the Main formatting button or the Breaks formatting button. Click on the Main button, which has a picture of an umbrella on it.



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