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Computer or mobile freezing or running slowly? Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше rev up performance, regularly clear system clutter and delete all junk. Here are some top tips:. Did you know that installations are messy? They leave behind temporary files avira pc cleaner free download hog your system.

Clear these and other junk files. Your Windows laptop or PC accumulates a ton cownload data every day. Avira helps you stay on top of it. Cleans your browser and disk: Removes the traces left behind from your programs, browser, and Windows, and deletes cache files. Clears out your registry: Fixes your registry as part of routine maintenance to prevent program crashes and error messages.

Your registry is critical to the performance of Windows after all…. Does a spring clean: The Junk File Cleaner deletes unnecessary files and browser junk. The Duplicate Finder clears copies of photos and other files. Gets rid of monsters and dinosaurs: It spots XL and old files that are hogging your resources. Speeds up start times. Because even an older Android deserves the best tune-up. Cleans up fast: Clears your cache junk and duplicate files on your phone and SD card for a feather-light, speedier experience.

Erases history: Relieves you of the burdens of your past by clearing your browser history, call logs, text messages, and clipboard data. Our multi-award-winning software portfolio is the result of 30 years of experience in developing security and performance solutions.

More RAM means that processes run faster. PC avira pc cleaner free download like a snail? Devices are like car engines. Give them the cleanup and tune-up they need…. Battery icon flashing again? Home System Speedup Junk Cleaner. Discover the free junk cleaner you адрес страницы need Rev up performance by clearing out your devices. Perform посетить страницу источник disk cleanup Did you know that installations are messy?

Clear out your hard drive This leaves more space for the important files, like your holiday photos. Perform a registry repair Get rid of the errors that cause freezes and slow down your startups. Optimizer for Android Because even an older Android deserves the best tune-up. Discover the Avira advantage. Made avira pc cleaner free download Germany.

Downloaded by millions. Got my old desktop running fast again. There was a time where it would take ages to even load. Startup time was reduced from over 5-minutes to about 1-minute. I would recommend this product avira pc cleaner free download reservations.

Fast and efficient. Thank you. Speeding up my old laptop! Choose it and enjoy it. Clean out junk for free—download now Enhance the performance of all your devices. Looking for premium optimization tools? Learn more about the following. Need to avura performance with our Speed Booster?

Give them the cleanup and tune-up they need… Find out how your PC can run like new with xvira Speed Booster. Want to last longer with our Battery Saver? Why so slow? Avira in action Why Avira? Reviews Downloads. Important: Your current Windows version http://replace.me/2993.txt outdated and no longer supported. For your security, we recommend switching to Windows 10 before downloading Avira software. Update your Windows version here.

Per la avira pc cleaner free download sicurezza, cleanfr consigliamo di passare a Windows 10 prima di scaricare i software Avira. Aggiorna la lceaner versione di Windows qui. Belangrijk: Uw huidige versie van Windows is verouderd en wordt downloae meer ondersteund. Voor uw veiligheid adviseren wij u om over te stappen op Windows 10 voordat u de Avira-software downloadt. Update uw Windows-versie hier.



Avira pc cleaner free download

Download free performance optimization tools for Windows and Mac devices. Optimize and clean your devices for more storage & better privacy. Tired of slow devices? Clear out what your PC doesn’t need with our junk cleaner, including uninstaller app. Download it for free!


Free Downloads of Avira Antivirus Software & Utilities – Faster starts and quicker processing


Over time, they become bloated with clutter…temp files, internet cookies, unnecessary user data…and this junk affects their performance. Imagine trying to run with a load of unnecessary weight? And if you we do clear anything out, how often does it languish in the recycle bin?

That needs regular emptying too, along with your downloads folder. Unused programs also sit around unloved and unnoticed but taking up space. To uninstall an app from a Windows PC, click the Start button and look for the app or program.

Press and hold or right-click the app and select Uninstall. It scans your system, reaching deep into the nooks and crannies to find less visible junk, including:. Over time, they can take a lot of space but can be tricky to find as they lurk in hidden folders! Cookies are the data stored on your computer by websites you visit no chocolate chips , and they build up as you surf.

You could remove all this browsing data yourself from every browser you use regularly, but surely life is too short? The Avira junk cleaner helps wipe away leftover web traces for you. After years of software installs, uninstalls, and program upgrades, it can be littered with junk. Let the Avira PC cleaner analyze and help clean up your registry. Staying on top of cleaning is critical but time-consuming if you go it alone.

Avira System Speedup can offer a deep clean and tune up with just one click. It quietly scans your system to delete obsolete and duplicate files, defragment your hard drive, and more. The result? You could free up space for thousands of extra photos, and even speed up boot times. Despite the name, it does more than keep you safer online!

The interface is pretty simplistic yet easy to use and it offers the possibility to do a quick scan or a full scan, for a more complete diagnostic. Avira PC Cleaner is a very good security solution and while it’s not a primary shield for any possible threats, it runs alongside any other security software just fine. Combine this with its portability and you have a very good malware and virus cleaner. Avira GmbH. Updated: Aug 26, Tidies up your browser: Removes all online traces and temporary data from every browser to declutter your machine and shield your privacy.

Cleans your registry: Invalid registry entries? Remnants of uninstalled software? System Speedup analyzes the problems and clears them out. Use it to schedule automatic alerts to clean your device. Our multi award-winning software portfolio is the result of 30 years of experience in developing security and performance solutions. Once just an animal with horns, RAM these days is far more technical and can make or break your online and computing experience.

Much like a brain, your computer has a chip on its motherboard that houses its short-term memory. This is called Random Access Memory RAM and it stores all the data that your device needs to complete active tasks and run programs and processes.

When you use up all the space in your RAM, your computer has nowhere to store the data it needs to carry out its tasks. The result? Follow our top tips for a digital declutter now and explore the benefits of emptying RAM storage and freeing up memory!

Are programs slow to respond? Do they freeze or crash? Do you click on an icon and wonder if you should make a cup of tea while you wait for it to respond? Your computer may be crying out for more RAM. Other tell-tale signs are display problems, so pages partially load or appear blank. System updates and even booting up seem…. Did you know that everything uses RAM? Did you just move your mouse?

Be cautious! The second method is even sneakier. Once inside, the adware starts collecting your information, and may redirect you to a malicious website or hurl ads at you. You visited the website. You downloaded freeware. What happens next? Prevention is better than a cure, so read on to be proactive about adware. Did you know that one in four virus attacks starts with an infected ad?

Adware detection and removal is therefore an essential part of your defense strategy! It does more than help prevent an influx of ads: It can shield your online privacy and is designed to prevent redirects to dangerous websites. But which adware cleaner can you trust for the job and how reputable is the company behind it? Avira was founded in Germany in and has decades of experience in helping its customers stay safer online. Malicious ads are a potential doorway to your device and precious personal data.

Did you know that outdated software has loopholes known to cybercriminals? Slam those doors with regular updates! Avira has a portfolio of security and online privacy products that have scored top marks in independent tests. This includes an advanced detection system to help block even the newest ransomware. You can also wave goodbye to pesky update reminders and rest assured that updates are clean so no more hunting around. Do you find it creepy that you can google for a new coat and then be inundated with ads for coats?

A VPN is essential to mask your online activities and encrypt your web traffic. Love streaming? The Pro version comes with no data limits. For greater peace of mind, put a truly awesome online defense force in place with an Avira suite, like Avira Free Security.

It takes a three-pronged approach with essential security, online privacy, and performance tools. If software came with an all-inclusive, first-class lounge, this would be it. The free Avira adware removal, scanner, and cleaner is best served up as part of a comprehensive digital strategy.

Think of chicken pox. Trojans are masters of disguise. They look like real programs, tricking users into opening them. They then collect data or delete important information. Submit suspicious files to the Avira Virus Lab here. It helps these security pros grow their endless database of nasties. Do you look before your finger leaps to that link, email, or attachment?

We can be our own worst enemy. Put your digital habits to the test with our quiz and explore the consequences of a single careless click. You do a Google search for a bargain and a great deal appears in the search results.

Do you click on it? You could infect your device with malware by clicking on malicious links or surfing on an infected website. Always stop and check. Is it a reputable website? Would you use online banking because your bank has state-of-the-art security?

Oh no. Banks may be careful with their security, but what about the loopholes in your system? Is all your software up to date? Connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi can expose your personal information to cybercriminals. Also, be careful of copycat websites and fake phishing emails that pretend to be from your bank. Do you click on the Facebook video? Is it worth the risk? Social media is teeming with click bait. Ads and posts may be a potential malware delivery vehicle. Check that your friend has not been hacked first.

Did they mean to send that message? Always keep your operating system updated and only download official apps. Other apps may mine your data and send it to a remote server. Do you click on it to book that long-awaited jab? You may end up getting only a dose of malware. Cybercriminals often exploit real-life tragedies like the pandemic to scam people.

Technology may compromise our security, but it also provides the tools we need to help keep our digital lives safer and our data secure. The backbone of any online security strategy is a trusted, independently verified antivirus, like Avira Free Antivirus.

It helps protect and repair: Ransomware, Trojans, worms, and more, Avira Free Antivirus offers powerful, free malware protection.

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