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CAD Studio – files and utilities – download Simulation, CFD

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Autodesk inventor cfd 2019 free download


This material is designed for self-paced learning as well as an instructor-led class environment. In both methods, you will be exposed to concepts grouped in Chapters, followed by a demonstration of the use of those concepts videos are available for self-paced training , then a step-by-step exercise to reinforce those concepts. The Fundamentals training material is presented in this browser. Training Plan. The Fundamentals Training is divided into four units. Each unit is divided into several chapters.

To get the most from this Training, we recommend that you work sequentially through each chapter and unit:. Approximate Time. Chapter 1. At the end of this unit, you will be able to answer these questions: What is CFD? Chapter 2. Recommended Strategy. Chapter 3. Important Resources. Chapter 4. CAD Modeling. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Exercise 1. Chapter 7. Geometry Branch and Tools. Chapter 8. Assigning Materials and Devices.

Exercise 2. Assign Materials to the car model. Chapter 9. Assigning Boundary Conditions. Exercise 3. Assigning Boundary Conditions to the car model. Chapter Defining the Mesh.

Exercise 4. Assign the mesh definition to the car model. Exercise 5. Run the Simulation. Can I Trust My Results? Exercise 6. Assess Convergence. Controlling Global Results. Measuring Part Temperatures. Exercise 7. Using Planes to Understand the Results.

Exercise 8. Exercise 9. Results Points. Exercise Explore Results at Specific Points. Iso Surfaces. Explore the Results with Iso Surfaces. Wall Results.

Assess Forces and Temperatures on Walls. Part Visibility Controls in Results Mode. Modify part appearances. Using the Decision Center to Make Conclusions. Use the Decision Center to Assess Results. Cloning Designs and Scenarios. After finishing the Fundamentals Training, what do I do next? These topics deal specifically with the types of problems you will be solving, from electronics to pumps , from lighting to architecture, and advanced topics including motion , transient analysis , radiation , mixing , and more.

Ready to get started? Next: Chapter 1. What do I need to get started? After downloading the file, extract the folder to a convenient drive on your computer. Model sets are included for several different CAD systems. Recommended Screen Setup The Fundamentals training material is presented in this browser. Note: Commands found in the User Interface such as button names are shown in bold. Some steps are followed by a series of simple actions, listed as “A.


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