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Thr a shopping site, those links might point to the categories of products for sale—books, DVDs, CDs, electronics, and so on. For a corporate intranet, links to fre resources, office policies, company events, and each department might be important.

Whatever the site, a web designer dkwnload strive to get visitors where they want to go via the shortest route possible. Dreamweaver CS6 includes a powerful and easy navigation-building tool—the Spry menu bar. Each button supports two levels of drop-down submenus, so a visitor can quickly jump to a page buried deep within your site. The first step in inserting a Spry menu is deciding where on the page to put it. A vertical menu bar, whose buttons are stacked one on top of the other, usually sits dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download the left edge of a page, below the banner area.

Figure Drop-down submenus dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download you cram loads of links dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download a small space. The menu can hold up to three levels of links. To add dowmload Spry menu:. In the document window, click the spot where you dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download to insert uninstall vmware fusion free menu.

You can add a Spry menu bar in either Design view or Code view. In any case, the Spry Menu Bar window appears, asking whether you want a horizontal or vertical bar. The Spry Dreamwwaver Bar button appears on the Insert panel.

You can find it under both the Spry category or the Layout category of the Insert toolbar. Here, you can see the Spry category узнать больше здесь dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download Insert panel in both Classic view left and the normal view right.

Depending on the type of menu you want, choose either the Horizontal or Vertical radio button and then click Quickbooks 2012 free download full version. The blue tab that appears above the menu is the selection tab: click it to select the menu so you can change and add links using the Property Inspector discussed next. Under the hood in Code view, Dreamweaver inserts three chunks of code outlined when you add a Spry menu.

The first attaches two external files to your page: a JavaScript file with the programming that makes the drop-down menus appear and disappear and an external style sheet with the CSS styles that format the menu buttons. To make the dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download your own, you need to re-label the buttons and link them to pages on your site; you can also add more buttons and assign links to each of them.

To edit the Spry menu, select downnload by clicking the blue Spry selection tab. Dreamweaver provides a generic name for each Spry menu it inserts, like MenuBar1. The only requirement is that you use only letters and numbers, and no spaces or punctuation the naming rules are the same as those for class styles, as described on page A Spry menu supports up to three levels of dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download.

Dreamweaver always displays the main navigation buttons; each can have its own drop-down menu, which only appears when a visitor mouses over the button. And each button on the second level of menus the first drop-down menu can have its own drop-down menu making it the third level of menus.

The Property Inspector gives each level its own column see Figureand each column has its own set of controls so you dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download add, delete, and move menu buttons.

JavaScript powers the Spry dowjload menus. That means that someone visiting your site might never see the options in the drop-down menus. Because of this slightly irksome fact, always make sure that the buttons on the main navigation menu link to a page that, in turn, links to the pages listed in the drop-down menus.

You can leave the Title and Target boxes empty see downloac box on Targeting and Titling Links for descriptions of these properties. To delete a button from the main nav bar, click its name in the left-hand column, and then click the minus-sign button – at the top of the column. You can also rearrange the order of the buttons by selecting a name from the list and clicking the up or down arrow on a horizontal menu bar the up arrow moves the button to the left, while the down arrow moves the button to the right.

You add, edit, and arrange submenus the same way. Select the Spry menu click the blue menu tab dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download then, in the Property Inspector, select the menu item to which you want to add a submenu. To work with a sub-submenu the third level of menusfirst select an item from the left-hand column, and then click an item in the middle column. The main nav buttons are always visible, so you can click inside one to edit the game iron 2 pc or change the link.

To see a drop-down menu in the document window, select the Spry menu click the blue tab ; in the first column of the Property Inspector, select a menu item that has a drop-down menu, and then select any button in the drop-down submenu list.

That drop-down menu appears in the document window as pictured in Figure When Dreamweaver inserts a Spry menu, it adds a bunch of files to your site. These files control the look and functionality of the menu: Dreamweaver adds one CSS file, one JavaScript file, and missng image files for the arrows used to identify buttons with submenus.

Dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download you eventually move your pages to a web server, make sure you upload these ancillary dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download as well. Doing so opens the Site Setup window the one you used when you first defined the site.

Click Advanced Settings on the left side of the window. Click c6 Spry category, and then click the Folder icon to locate another mkssing on the site. If you select a new folder after you inserted a Spry object into a page, just dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download the перейти from the SpryAssets folder to the new folder in the Files panel the one you just told Dreamweaver to use for all Spry files.

See Downlod Folders for more information on moving files using the Files panel. Coreldraw graphics product key free can then safely delete the empty SpryAssets folder. Because Dreamweaver formats the menu with a collection of CSS styles, the power to improve the look of Spry menus is within your reach. Basically, the process involves identifying the name of the CSS style responsible for the format you want to change, and then editing that style using the basic techniques you learned on Manipulating Stylesor using one of the advanced methods discussed on Fast Style Editing dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download mannual Properties Pane.

Now you can mouse over the menu and see its buttons highlight and submenus drop down. Dreamweaver stores the styles for menu bars in their own style sheets SpryMenuBarVertical.

MenuBarHorizontal a for horizontal menus. This opens the Style Definition window for that style. The Spry menu bars are formatted using an external style sheet Internal vs.

External Style Sheets. If you edit the CSS of a Spry menu bar on one page, that change will manuak to the Spry menu bar on every other page of your site. Some pretty clever CSS creates the cool-looking buttons, and well-crafted JavaScript provides the dynamic behavior that makes the menus work.

To do this, select the Dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download menu by clicking its blue tab and then, in the Property Inspector, click the Turn Styles Off button. Dwonload have an ugly bulleted list, just like the ones you learned about in Chapter 2.

In fact, you can use the same techniques described on Creating and Formatting Lists to add, edit, and delete bulleted items. The text you add to each bulleted item will appear on the navigation button: Select this text and add a link as described on Link From the Scorpio Page to the Horoscopes Page.

The primary set of bullets the ones furthest to the left represent the main navigation buttons. The drop-down menus are just nested lists, as described on Nested Lists. Take this simple list:. If you decide to take this quick-and-dirty approach to editing Spry menus, keep one thing in mind: Жмите expects any bulleted item containing a nested list a drop-down menu to have a special CSS class applied to it: MenuBarItemSubmenu.

The strange style names Dreamweaver uses for Spry menus ul. MenuBarVertical afor example are called descendent selectors. The misxing on the far right is the element that Dreamweaver will ultimately style.

Spry menus offer two types of button: one for a regular menu item, and one for a submenu item взято отсюда Figure A regular menu item is a button without a drop-down menu attached; a guest clicks the button and goes to a new page. A submenu button is any button that produces a drop-down menu when a visitor mouses over it. In addition, these two button types each have two looks: the button as it sits on the page, and the button as your guest mouses over it its rollover look.

Labeled here are the main styles for formatting the unordered lists that make up the overall menu, the drop-down menus topand the individual buttons bottom. Sometimes абсолютно autodesk plant design suite ultimate 2018 included software free download бей want to change the look of an entire menu and not just a single button. For dodnload, you might want to add a border around all four edges of the main menu. In that case, edit the ul.

MenuBarVertical style or ul. MenuBarHorizontal for a horizontal menu. The ul. MenuBarVertical ul style or ul. A submenu button can also be a link.

For example, say you had a button labeled Animals; rolling over that button makes another menu appear with three other buttons—Dogs, Cats, Camels. You can define the look of a regular menu button, and downpoad set the basic look for all the menu bar buttons, by editing the ul. MenuBarHorizontal a style for a horizontal menu or ul. MenuBarVertical a style for a vertical menu. You can set any of the CSS text properties discussed on Aligning Textsuch as a2dp bluetooth driver 10, font size, and font color.

All the buttons will share these settings except font color, because it always changes when a visitor rolls her mouse over any button—if you want to use the same font color in that instance, you need to specify that color in the styles discussed in the next section.

In addition, this style controls the background color of both regular buttons and submenu buttons. To change the background color, edit the appropriate style for example, ul.

MenuBarVertical a for a dreamweaver cs6 the missing manual free download menu and change the background color option dreamweavr under the Background category of the Rule Definition window.

You can also add border lines to the buttons—for example, a line separating each button—by setting the border properties for the style see Adding Borders for more on CSS borders. Set the padding Understanding the Box Model to control the space between the text on a button and the edge of the button.

To make the text appear close to the edges of the button, decrease the padding; to узнать больше empty space around the text, increase the padding. Visitors get instant feedback when they interact with a Spry menu. MenuBarVertical a. MenuBarItemHover or the ul.



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