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Copyright — Corel Corporation. All rights reserved. The contents of this user guide and the associated Corel Painter software are the property of Corel Corporation and its respective licensors, and are protected by copyright. For feee complete copyright information about Corel Painter, please refer to the About Corel Painter section in the Help menu of the software. Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc.

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Changing Layer Characteristics. Using the Image Hose. Getting Started with Mosaics. Image Maps. About Shapes. The Text Layer. Creating Animations and Video. Understanding Printing. Corel Painter lets you simulate a wide range of art tools, from felt pens, charcoal, and colored pencils to corel painter 2016 manual free color and oils. Corel Painter lets you experiment with corel painter 2016 manual free widest range of Natural-Media tools. You can expand your digital drawing and painting techniques with a portfolio of new features.

Corel Painter msnual a redesigned user interface, including a new toolbox, Brush selector bar, property bar, Info palette, and new palette design and behavior. Corel Painter also includes a Mixer palette that realistically mimics corel painter 2016 manual free traditional corel painter 2016 manual free mixing experience.

Digital water color, a new Sketch effect, and more than new brushes all expand your creative potential. You can create custom brush variants using the new Brush Creator, which includes the Fref, Transposer, and Stroke Designer. Corel Painter features a redesigned user interface, which is maual on the windows 10 pro oem 64 bit new paintrr.

The toolbox has been redesigned vertically and, by default, is docked to the top-left corner of the document window. The toolbox lets you access the tools in Corel Painter, as well corel painter 2016 manual free. The toolbox can be undocked and moved anywhere inside the application window, or it can be turned off.

Corel painter 2016 manual free property bar replaces the Controls palette. The property bar is paitner depending on which tool is selected, providing commonly used ffree for each tool. The property bar is docked below the menu bar by default, but it can be undocked and moved to any location in the document window, or turned off.

The Brush Selector lets you choose a brush category, using the Brush Category picker, and a brush variant, using the Brush Variant picker. The name of the selected frre category. You have the option to view the categories and variants by a thumbnail or list view. The Janual Selector is docked, by default, to the frer corner paihter the document window, beside the property bar.

It can be undocked and moved to any location in the document window, or it can be turned off. The palettes have been redesigned for this version of Corel Painter, and they include the following new features:. The new Mixer palette lets you mix colors interactively.

The Mixer palette contains a Brush tool and a Palette Knife tool for applying and mixing colors, mimicking the traditional experience of mixing two or more colors on a palette. The Mixer palette also includes an Eyedropper tool for sampling specially mixed colors corel painter 2016 manual free imagery, as well as Zoom and Pan manuall for easy navigation in the palette.

You can choose to save your Mixer palette settings for future use, and you corel painter 2016 manual free create a custom color set from the colors in the Mixer palette. Digital Water Color is a simple, transparent medium that is ideal for hand painting line drawings, touching up photographs, or creating simple water color washes.

The new Sketch effect in Corel Painter lets you convert images or photographs to simple pencil drawings, while providing controls for the amount of paper grain being applied, the heaviness of the pencil line, and the desired level of detail.

Corel Painter includes over new Brush variants. New brushes are included http://replace.me/13793.txt the following categories:. Corel Painter features a Brush Creator, which is designed to make the dorel variant creation process easy and fun. Corel painter 2016 manual free Brush Creator includes three key features:. To help corel painter 2016 manual free visualize how the new brush variants will look, the Randomizer provides a brush stroke preview of each new variant.

For example, you can choose the 2B Pencil and create brush variants that are mutated toward another variant, such as Charcoal. To help you visualize how the new brush variants will look, the Transposer provides a brush stroke preview of each new variant. To make the brush creation process more visual and interactive, the Paintef Designer includes a corel painter 2016 manual free preview that updates each time you make changes Всё cyberlink powerdirector 9 de free download весьма the brush variant.

Layer Masks : The redesigned здесь masks let you hide and reveal areas of layers without making permanent changes to an image. Channels : The Channels palette lets you use alpha channels to create and store masks to modify, separate, and preserve specific areas of an image. It provides information you need to get the most out of Corel Painter. As a convention, Mac OS commands precede Windows commands in xorel text.

For example. Registering products is important. Registration corel painter 2016 manual free you with timely access to the latest product updates, valuable corel painter 2016 manual free about product releases, and access to free downloads, articles, tips and tricks, and special offers. Corel Support Services can provide you with prompt and accurate information about crel features, specifications, pricing, corel painter 2016 manual free, services, and technical support.

For the most current information on support services available for your Corel oainter, please visit www. The Corel Painter workspace has been designed to give you easy access to tools, effects, commands, maanual features. The workspace is organized across a series of menus, selectors, and interactive palettes. Some features are also available in the frame of corel painter 2016 manual free document window.

The document window lets you access the following features with the click of a button:. Layers palette.

In the toolbox, there are tools to make marks, draw shapes, fill shapes with color, view and navigate, and make selections. There are also six selectors that let you choose papers, gradients, patterns, weaves, looks, and nozzles. Some crel of similar function share a space in the toolbox. The button for only one of these tools is displayed at a time. Any tool that has a triangle in the bottom-right corner has one or more tools underneath it in a flyout menu.

The toolbox is open by default; however, it can be closed. You can move the toolbox painfer the document window, and you can dock the toolbox to the document window or to other palettes. The current tool can be modified by options on the property pajnter, which change as you change tools. Some tools share a space in the toolbox. You can use the Magnifier tool to magnify areas of an image when you are performing detailed work, or to reduce areas to get an overall view of corel painter 2016 manual free image.

The Grabber tool gives you a quick way to scroll an image. The Rotate Page tool lets you rotate an image window to accommodate the way you draw naturally. The Perspective Grid Adjuster tool lets you select and pianter the location of the perspective grid lines, the vanishing point, the horizon line, the ground line, and the picture plane. The Crop tool lets you remove unwanted edges from the image. You use the Brush tool to make marks on the Canvas or a layer. The Brush tool represents a category of marking tools.

Within the Brush category are pencils, pens, chalk, an airbrush, oil paints, water colors and more. When the Brush tool is selected, you can choose specific amnual from the Brush selector bar. You can set opacity, grain, and drawing style pzinter strokes or straight line strokes on the property bar. The Paint Bucket tool lets you fill an area.

The property bar shows choices for what area to fill and what to fill painted with. The Color Tolerance and Color Feather values let you control the extent of fill and opacity in neighboring areas. Forel can also choose to anti-alias a fill.

Double-click the Paint Bucket tool to specify what color in the image to lock out of your fill. The Dropper tool lets you pick up a color from an existing image. The property bar shows you values for the. When paitner select a color with the Dropper tool, that color becomes the current color on the Colors palette. You use the Rectangular Selection tool to create rectangular selections. You use the Oval Selection tool to create oval selections.



Corel painter 2016 manual free

User Manual: corel Painter – – User Guide Free User Guide for Corel Painter Software, Manual. Open the PDF directly: View PDF PDF. Page Count: The contents of this user guide and the associated Corel Painter software are the property of Corel Corporation and its respective licensors. Corel Paint Shop Pro X: The Official Guide David Huss Teach Yourself VISUALLY HTML and CSS Mike Wooldridge Are you.


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