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Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for Media Center updated – Microsoft Support

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The EPG is being updated on July 7, with new video data packages to be compatible with new data providers, for customers in the U. While every effort was made to make sure this transition is smooth, users may see differences in their EPG experiences, including the following:.

Your channel lineup may change with the new package, requiring you to go through TV setup to download the new lineup. Depending on your location, some channels will not have metadata in your guide. This presents as “no information available” in the guide, however you will be able to tune and watch that channel. Depending on your location, you may have more channels in the guide than you had before the transition.

You should reset your currently scheduled one-off recordings. They will function as expected going forward. Certain series will stop recording the show even though that series will continue to show in the recordings list. You will have to “stop” recording the series and set the recording again. This may result in two instances of the series record showing side by side; the series instance of existing episodes already recorded and the series instance for the new recordings going forward.

Both will function as expected. Sign in with Microsoft. So far, we have resolved a large number of data quality issues, addressed the series recording issues if not, let us know! We are continuing to work on this issue on our end, and greatly appreciate the help and support of the community in reporting issues and sharing info. I will update with any resolutions that I find here. I am also on a discussion with Rovi on this via Twitter. I have also sent a message to Rovi via their twitter handle and am waiting for a reply.

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Workaround Details: The steps which I took to work around this issue are as follows: Remove the media center feature note, this is only required if you cannot successfully re-run the TV tuner setup in Windows Media Center and reboot system. Re-add the media center feature. Re-run the tv tuner setup — trying other local zip codes. The font is massive and it is a real pain having to scroll so much to compare channels and see what is on.

Does anyone have a fix to change the font size and display more lines at once? If there was just the option to decrease the font size throughout Windows Media Center – I’d take it. The hack in accepted Answer is no longer available for download.

Your best bet is to use the Resource Hacker tool. Open Microsoft. MCML file. Inside search for key words in the following lines and edit the values as described:. There are dozens of locations in many HTML files. It’s not very elegant code. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Teams.

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Windows media center channel guide download

EPG, along with Schedules Direct, is the most reliable and accurate TV listings provider for Windows Media Center. Download Now. I’d recommend you download the Windows Installer version as I had issues with the standalone package. Once installed, load up EPG Centre and. The hack in accepted Answer is no longer available for download. In spite of many other video media players I have tried, I like how WMC PVR.


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